Georgia Shupper

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“Every night I come to the same place and wait until the sky catches up with my mood.”
Joe DunthorneSubmarine

Just a Little Bit About Me

Hi! I'm a BFA 3 Lighting Design Student at California Institute of the arts, and I intend to focus in theatre and film.
I’ve been using the past few months to expand my horizons, and start working on projects I really believe in.

I’ve always been passionate about alleviating the gender divide in the technical theatre industry, and I hope through my work I’ll be able to inspire other young women.

In the future, I’d love to work on larger scale projects with abstract concepts in order to have room to create something new and exciting.

I use my art as a method of storytelling, and I love creative writing. I’m a big fan of science fiction, and my favorite book is Jurassic Park, but I really don’t think the movie does it justice.
My favorite movie, by contrast is Submarine (2010). Which is what the quote in the sidebar is from :) 
The color symbolism, and the way it ties characters together is an incredible feat. 

Thanks for checking out my page, and I hope to work together in the future! 

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Currently Based in Los Angeles.